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Amira Paripurna

Counter-terrorism And Human Rights

Amira Paripurna Holds A Ph.D. From The School Of Law, University Of Washington, USA (2017) Where She Completed Her Dissertation Entitled ‘The Use Of Intelligence In Indonesian Counterterrorism Policing.’ In 2007-2008 She Received The Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program (FF-IFP 2007-2008) To Pursue A Master Of Law (LLM.). Part Of Her Educational Background Includes Completing An LLM At The University Of Utrecht, In The Netherlands, Specializing In International Criminal Justice And Human Rights Law; A Bachelor Of Laws Degree (LLB) At Airlangga University Specializing In Criminal Law. In 2019 She Was Selected As A Visiting Research Fellow At Asian Law Institute (ASLI) National University Of Singapore. Before Joining As A Faculty Member Of Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, She Served For 3 Years (2003-2006) At The Women And Children Crisis Center, Jember And Part Time Lecturer At Muhammadiyah University. Her Subjects And Major Research Interest Include Policing Terrorism, Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice System, Political Violence And Crime, And Juvenile Law.

Email amira@fh.unair.ac.id

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